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Access to Classes

  • Access our library of past classes we've taught @10patx
  • Easy to use search engine that can pull the right class for you to watch based off what you're looking for.
  • Access to classes from all of our teachers here @10patx as well as some seminars and other instruction from our coaches.
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  • Watch your live rolls from class sessions
  • Receive suggestions and stats on your roll from our Rolltracker AI
  • See clips and rolls from other students who wish to share and ask your coaches for feedback on certain parts within your roll
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Class Library + Rolltracker

  • Get full access to our entire library of classes + access your live rolls with our "Rolltracker" AI product.

Roll Tracker AI

Watch each of your live rolls with our RollTracker AI. Once you accept face recognition, we will start saving and identifying your rolls from our security cams.. They will then show up right in your profile for you to view after class. Our AI is getting smarter and smarter with understanding what it is you're doing and will be able to give you stats on submissions, moves etc.

Ask your coaches about specific parts of your roll you have questions about and clip and share your favorite parts with friends.

Your new go to tool for reviewing your rolls and critiquing where you're at.

Access RollTracker AI

Classes From All of Our Coaches

We have a full lineup of high level coaches for both our Jiu Jitsu and full MMA program.. Access each of their classes in an easy to search database when looking for specific techniques.. Or review what was taught this week, last week etc..

Gabe Tuttle

Our head Jiu Jitsu coach.. Eddie Bravo Black Belt. Watch his classes.

Ben Eddy

Jiu Jitsu coach, active competitor, CJJ world champ. Eddie Bravo black belt.

Curtis Hembroff

Gym owner .. OG Eddie Bravo black belt.

Andrew Craig

Head MMA coach, fought in the UFC. Access his instruction.

Sean Magnus

MMA fighter, JJ brown belt.. Wrestling coach.. Watch his wrestling instruction.

Angel Cruz

MMA Coach, Muay Thai.. 10patx Jiu Jitsu Black belt.. Watch his MMA and Muay thai classes.


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