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Here’s an example class with Gabe Tuttle teaching his main details to an effective Darce game.

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Subscribe now and watch the full J Flo Judo Seminar we just had recently.. Judo coach for the US Olympic team, and personal coach to many top MMA/Jits/Judo athletes, like Ronda Rousey etc.. His seminar is a roadmap for the best Judo to use in Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

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Learn Rubber Guard with Ben Eddy

Watch his Sunday Rubber Guard classes as well as other general Jiu Jitsu classes he teaches.. 135 CJJ Champ, Eddie Bravo Blackbelt known for his rubber guard.. 10PATX.TV is the best way to watch his classes and learn from Ben Eddy.

Learn the 10th Planet System with Curtis Hembroff

Black belt directly under Eddie Bravo having been a student of his since the early days of him opening his gym in downtown LA. Curtis is always teaching right from Eddie’s system, often breaking down the finer details to the 10P “Warm Ups” which are a set curriculum of the 10P System. 10Patx.TV is the exclusive place to access his 10p Warmups and other teaching.

Learn Jiu Jitsu with Gabe Tuttle

Watch a wide range of different classes from Gabe who covers many different areas of Jiu Jitsu.. Probably most known for his series on Kimuras, Crucifix, Darces.. but teaches everything. Gabe is a Black Belt under Richie Martinez and has been competing from the start.. having had many high level matches of late.. this is an exclusive place to access classes from him.

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